Starbucks: is it expensive for the average american?

Answer Starbucks is expensive here too. It is on the higher end but their coffee is good. It can be one of the most expensive bagged coffee in the store shelf too.

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How tall is the average Starbucks table?

There is no average height for a Starbucks table, according to a Starbucks public relations representative. However, the majority of tables have 27 inches of legroom and are 28 to 34 inches high to... Read More »

How can American people afford apple products- I mean iphone 4 is way to much expensive that i can buy 4 android phones with all major features and quality compromise. Are american people that rich?

Every night, it should last all day unless you are continuously playing apps

Is this school expensive, average, or cheap?

Well I live in NY. Going to a community college is about 2,500 a yr for a associates degree. They have training centers that offer courses on medical tech etc. The cost is about 6,000 and they have... Read More »

What is the average weight for an American 10-year-old boy?

Average weight for an American 10-year-old boy a 10 year old boy should at least weigh about 110 pounds................ unless you are under pounds. 95 My 11 year old son who is tall for his age a... Read More »