Starbucks, coffee bean, or home brew?

Answer starbucks. is that really you on the avatar?!! mmm.....

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Coffee: Why does Starbucks wake me up, but coffee at home just makes me jittery?

There is a very scientific answer to your question.Here it is:It is caused by your over active imagination, it is all in your head..

How do I make Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino at home?

I found thisThis recipe makes 5 different flavors, if desired.15 empty Starbuck bottles & lids (I mark with permanent marker a letter on 3 lids for the flavor of that batch - i.e. C=coffee, M=mocha... Read More »

What is the best way to grind whole bean coffee at home?

to make the best coffee the beans need to be ground very very fine, most hand grinders will not do that but may be adjusted to be able to, only the expensive electric grinders will do the job and n... Read More »

Buying Starbucks VIA® Instant and Microground Coffee for at home?

It seems your links is broken,but no worries I've done a Google search and know what it is,other than your question, can I answer your question by introducing you to another answer?well, hopefully ... Read More »