Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or Second Cup?

Answer never even heard of second cup(american), so i will go with... second cup lol. I dont't mean to patronize you but if your on a tight budget one of the easiest ways to tighten the belt is make your ... Read More »

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Applying for Tim Hortons Help?

What personally makes you feel good, or what would make you feel better at Tim Hortons. I love feeling at home, and welcomed by the staff. Any store where the employees aren't welcoming is really a... Read More »

How much is tim hortons ice capes?

My estimation puts it several dollars too high.

Just started at Tim Hortons and I am in shock!!?

Federal law (in the us) does not require lunch breaks or coffee breaks. So unfortunately yes she can. Not sure about state law.

Tim hortons ice capuccino ingredients?

Google is a thing. I bet they have them on their website.