Star this question if you are trying to find ONE, just one question in this category that has nothing to do?

Answer this is about the swine flu lolanywayi agree its pretty retarded.

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Star my question if you think Yahoo Administrators should delete Oral B's shameless advertisement question?

It is RIDICULOUS that Yahoo answers deletes questions about peoples opinions, when the question really they shouldn't be deleted, BUT they still find it ok to not only turn this website into an adv... Read More »

Is this really the first question to be asked in this category?

No. Because under here it says resolved questions in Basel :)

I'm going to ask a question and post it in some irrelevant category!?

wow. good job. (she says unenthusiastically)

How does the computer/Yahoo Answers make a category choice when asking a question?

No, it´s nothing related to that, YA registers all the questions and specifically the words related to your question for example if one person made a question once about michael jordan and he put ... Read More »