Star this if you miss YouTube.. Come back YouTube!!!! =(?

Answer it's back and now I forgot what I was doing..

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How to Be a YouTube Star?

In this modern age we live in, there is a group of people who haven't starred in any Hollywood films, haven't released a hit single and haven't won any sports trophies. But still millions of people... Read More »

Who is youtube's biggest star?

WHO THE HELL ARE LG13 AND LISANOVAIf they are supposed to be stars people should know them T_Ti would say-Whatthebuck-NigaHiga-kevjumba-happyslip ( i think shes stupid but w/e)-Most of the celebrit... Read More »

Who's the funniest Youtube star?

Which YouTube Star Do You 'Hate' The Most?

the dutch girl , fred ( i will pay my whole bank saving 2 any one that kills him ) , angry germany kid ( it was a set up )