Star this if you have myspace or facebook?

Answer lol i have both

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My Husband is listed as single on his facebook and myspace.... is this cheating?

what a jerk. when he makes plans, does he go? or is it just to get you mad? but either way he's a jerk.

Do you have a myspace or facebook?

I have both, I recommend getting both. No harm in signing up for 2 different things. If you had to pick 1 I highly prefer myspace. Probably won't be your friend though (sorry, honesty)

What do you think of people who put up pictures like this on their facebook/myspace/bebo ?

What does it matter what we think? We're just words on a screen. People can post whatever they feel comfortable with on those sites, assuming it doesn't breach any rules or regulations. It's just t... Read More »

Is it okay to not have a myspace or facebook?

Its socially acceptable. I dont have one and have no intention of ever getting one. Good for networking and making friends perhaps but so is the real world ;)