Star my question if you think Yahoo Administrators should delete Oral B's shameless advertisement question?

Answer It is RIDICULOUS that Yahoo answers deletes questions about peoples opinions, when the question really they shouldn't be deleted, BUT they still find it ok to not only turn this website into an adv... Read More »

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How to Delete the Advertisement in the Bottom of Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo! Messenger is a free service that is used to connect people through instant messaging and video chatting. Yahoo supports this free service by advertising different companies and services on t... Read More »

Star this question if you are trying to find ONE, just one question in this category that has nothing to do?

this is about the swine flu lolanywayi agree its pretty retarded.

Nystatin Oral Suspension Question?

divide 20 into the quanity on the bottle thats your day supply here goes a reason why i pulled it of the internet An intestinal yeast infection is basically a condition in which there is an overgro... Read More »

I have a question about estrogen and oral contraceptives :?

I like your question!Well, from my understanding, contraceptives don't necessarily inhibit ovulation. Rather they alter the menstruation cycle by changing the uterus lining or endometrium via a com... Read More »