Star if cannabis should be legal?

Answer I wouldnt be surprised if it is decriminalized in all states within the next 2 years and legalized within the next 5 years... Only reason right now is that the government can't figure out how they ... Read More »

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How to Grow Legal Cannabis?

This article is intended for those people who have a valid license from their government to grow Cannabis for medical use.

What is the legal status of cannabis in amsterdam as for july 2012 for tourist's?

Cannabis isnt legal in Amsterdam, its just tolerated. But dont worry, no-one has been arrested for cannabis use or possesion in nearly 30 years. Its very easy to obtain from 'coffee shops' in limit... Read More »

Can you use cannabis seeds to make cannabis goodies?

You could but it wouldn't give you the same effect.

CAnnabis should i smoke it?

If you enjoy it, go for it. I like the stuff. Remeber, everything in moderation and that there is a time and place for everything. Have fun.