Star fruit category?

Answer There are many answers to this and many ways to divide fruit, but some of the common ones in a botanical sense are the simple fleshy fruits: * berries - tomatoes and avocadoes fit here. * stone f... Read More »

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Has Star Trek ever appeared on game show Jeopardy as a category?

Yes, Star Trek was a category on Jeopardy on December 17th, 2007.

I am travelling to turkey in april what kind of travel insurance do i need does it fall in the european category or worlwide category?

A typical renter's insurance policy in WI can be expected to be between $100 and $200 per year. From there, the exact cost will depend on a multitude of variables, such as the total size of the pol... Read More »

How do I cut a star fruit?

WashingWash a ripe star fruit (carambola) under cool running water. Handle the star fruit gently to avoid bruising the tender fruit.PreparationPlace the clean star fruit on a cutting board. Use a p... Read More »

How to Buy a Star Fruit?

Star fruit, or carambola, is a fruit originally from Southeast Asia that adds a delicate flavor and colorful shape to Asian dishes, salads and desserts. It grows in tropical climates and is grown i... Read More »