Star and answer if you like pie?

Answer i like pumpkin , strawberry,and banana cream all from marie calandars!!!!

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Why do you star a question but not answer it?

Answer if ur a TH fan!!!! I wanna know how many r out there! Also STAR!!! THANK U VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Am I the ONLY ONE who doesnt like to SCREAM ABOUT THEM!but yea they are awesome XDim prolly the only dude on here =*(P.S. Im not gay

Star Trek Fans Please Answer!?

Like the person above me said, it's too long to really summarize.I did my best though, and it's still too long for Yahoo! Answers to fit in their character limit, so I posted it on Pastebin.You can... Read More »

Why do people star questions and then not answer them?

Just because a person may not have the answer doesn't mean they don't find the question interesting or intriguing. The purpose of stars is to catch the attention of other users browsing the questio... Read More »