Star Magnolia Pests?

Answer The star magnolia (magnolia stellata) is a tree that grows to be between 15 and 20 feet and is native to Japan. It produces large white flowers in the spring and a red-green, inedible fruit in the ... Read More »

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Facts About the Star Magnolia Tree?

Though native to Japan, the star magnolia tree survives well in many parts of the United States. It is a smaller, decorative tree that is striking in the spring when its foliage is in full bloom. T... Read More »

How do i trim a star magnolia bush?

ReasoningPrune star magnolia bushes in in February or March, which will give the magnolia time to heal before winter. Prune the minimal amount required. Star magnolias require very little pruning a... Read More »

Will a star magnolia bush come back from too much sun exposure?

Star magnolia shrubs are hardy perennials requiring full sun. They may start to die out if there is too much root competition from other plants and large trees or excessive periods of drought.Refer... Read More »

How do i care for a white star magnolia tree?

PlantingPlant or transplant a star magnolia into moist soil in an area that receives full sun or partial shade. Star magnolias prefer soil that is acidic to neutral with a pH between 4 and 7; howev... Read More »