Standards for the California Science Project?

Answer The focus of the California Science Project (CSP) is to provide a high-quality, standards-based professional development in science. This ensures that each student will be able to achieve the highe... Read More »

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Science Standards for the Fifth Grade in California?

Even before the 2001 passage of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, California had put into place a set of science standards for all grade levels, from kindergarten through grade 12. These standa... Read More »

Content Science Standards in California?

The science standards for public schools have been in place since 1998. These standards describe in detail "the essential skills and knowledge students will need to be scientifically literate citiz... Read More »

2nd Grade Science Standards in California?

The California State Board of Education and state Superintendent of Public Education oversee and monitor science content standards for all K-12 public schools in the state. The standards include sp... Read More »

What Are the California State Science Standards?

California's schools concentrate on a varied science curriculum, including physical science, life science, Earth science and a variety of investigative and experimental activities. The variety of t... Read More »