Stalling in a '97 Q45?

Answer The Infiniti Q45's VH-series engine is a fairly typical example of Japanese engine of its era; multipoint fuel injected with a computer that regulates airflow via a mass-airflow and manifold air pr... Read More »

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Why Is My Car Surging & Stalling?

A car that stalls and surges is not only an annoyance, but may also create a safety hazard. An engine that is stalling and surging will also consume more fuel and may increase wear on internal engi... Read More »

Pressure washer is stalling?

Sounds like the engine is running lean. That will make it short on power. The most likely cause is a dirty carburetor. Remove it, take it apart, soak it in a quality parts cleaning solvent and p... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Stalling in GM Vehicles?

Gasoline powered GM cars need the same basic requirements to run as any other cars with gas engines. The most basic needs are fuel, air and ignition. A car can stop running, or stall if any of thes... Read More »

95 Cadillac Stalling Problems?

Cadillac's 1995 models -- including the Fleetwood, Eldorado, DeVille and Seville -- may develop problems as they reach high mileage on the odometer. According to, stalling ranks as a co... Read More »