Stalling in a '97 Q45?

Answer The Infiniti Q45's VH-series engine is a fairly typical example of Japanese engine of its era; multipoint fuel injected with a computer that regulates airflow via a mass-airflow and manifold air pr... Read More »

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Why Does My Car Keep Stalling?

The failure of just about any system on a car can cause stalling. The premier culprit for stalling problems is electrical failure, but there are a number of possible reasons cars stall.

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Why Is My Car Surging & Stalling?

A car that stalls and surges is not only an annoyance, but may also create a safety hazard. An engine that is stalling and surging will also consume more fuel and may increase wear on internal engi... Read More »

Pressure washer is stalling?

Sounds like the engine is running lean. That will make it short on power. The most likely cause is a dirty carburetor. Remove it, take it apart, soak it in a quality parts cleaning solvent and p... Read More »