Stairway Wall Decor Ideas?

Answer Stairway walls are an open canvas, ready to be decorated to express your personality and style. You can spend as much or as little money as you like on decorating your stairway walls; you can shop ... Read More »

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Contemporary Wall Decor Ideas?

Contemporary decor is just a fancy way of describing what is decorative today as you sit around and contemplate the interior design of your house. Retro means going back in time to simulate an olde... Read More »

Home Decor Ideas: Staggered Wall Shelves?

Shelving has been artfully arranged since at least 14th century Japan, when portable "chigai-dana," or staggered shelves, were used in the finest residences to artistically showcase tea utensils or... Read More »

What is the piece of decorative wood on the wall of a stairway called?

The decorative wood on a staircase The decorative wood on a staircase is called "wainscot"

DIY Wall Decor?

Creating your own wall decor spruces up bare and boring walls and improves the appearance of your home environment. Whether you're an artistic type or someone who can only color inside the lines, m... Read More »