Stain & Mildew Removal From Vinyl Seat Coverings?

Answer Vinyl seat coverings can be found on your patio furniture as well as on boat seat covers. No matter where your vinyl seat coverings are located, when they're outdoors, they're exposed to mildew-cau... Read More »

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Mildew Removal on a Vinyl Fabric Awning?

Vinyl awnings are often a popular choice because they are easy to care for and generally resistant to mildew. But if dirt and debris collect on your vinyl awning, mildew can form on the dirt and de... Read More »

Cloth Car Seat: Stain Removal?

Over the life of your car, your cloth car seats can accumulate a variety of nasty stains. Mud, oil, blood, soft drinks and food all present dangers to the integrity of your car seats. Some stains -... Read More »

How do I clean vinyl floor coverings?

Sweep or VacuumSweep or vacuum vinyl floor coverings daily. Use the bare floor attachment for the vacuum, not the beater bar that is made for carpet and may scratch vinyl. Attach smaller vacuum too... Read More »

How do I remove mildew stain from cotton pants?

Bleach and DetergentBrush any excess mildew from the cotton pants, and dilute the stain further by rinsing it in water. According to, soak white fabrics in 1/2 cup of bleach and one gallo... Read More »