Stages of Growth for the Venus Flytrap?

Answer Venus flytraps are a popular form of small houseplant. They require very little space and are both unique looking and easy to maintain, making them the perfect addition to a small desk or window si... Read More »

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How big is a venus flytrap?

The carnivorous plant Venus Flytrap ranges in size and height according to environment. Flower stalks can reach 14 inches and the leaves up to 4.5 inches, including the trap of up to 1.5 inches.Sou... Read More »

Who discovered the venus flytrap?

In 1763, North Carolina British Governor Arthur Dobbs was the first to describe the plant he called "Fly Trap Sensitive." The plant was later renamed the Venus Flytrap. Specimens were sent to Engla... Read More »

How do you define Venus Flytrap?

The Venus Flytrap is a small plant native to the bogs of North and South Carolina that receives most of its nutrients through trapping and eating insects. Its scientific name is Dionaea muscipula, ... Read More »

Can i use rainwater for my venus flytrap?

Venus flytraps are very susceptible to chemicals in tap water. That's why the Garden Helper recommends only rain or distilled water. If neither is available, tap water can used be used if it sits i... Read More »