Stages of Bleaching Hair?

Answer Hair bleach is a chemical solution used to remove pigment from hair strands to achieve a platinum blond hue. The process is damaging to hair follicles and can take several attempts when bleaching h... Read More »

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How to Remove Blue or Green Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching?

If you have faded dyed hair anywhere along the blue/green spectrum then you can avoid expensive trips to see a professional or having to buy colour-removing products for your hair with a simple but... Read More »

Why Is Bleaching Hair Bad?

Hair bleaching is a process that strips color from the hair's strand, leaving it looking yellow or white. While bleaching is a popular way to turn hair blonde, it can cause serious damage if not do... Read More »

DIY Hair Bleaching?

The process of making your hair a much lighter shade than its original color requires bleaching. Typically you will bleach your hair if you want to go more than three shades lighter. When you bleac... Read More »

Tips on Bleaching Hair?

Bleach opens up your hair follicles and removes all pigment, leaving hair with no color. Bleaching your hair can be worth the time as long as you take precautions to keep your hair intact. It's bes... Read More »