Stabbed by a pencil...?

Answer Okay Believe it or not/, when I worked in Special ed one of the children stabbed me in error with a pencil in my nose of all places I had the lead point break off in my outside nostril. For a time... Read More »

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I got stabbed by a pencil?

Calm down its probably nothing unless u are swelling or such. It will obviously hurt still if u recently stabbed yourself but there shouldn't be anything to worry about :)

Some kid stabbed me with my own mechanical pencil?

make sure you wash the wound with soap and water, then keep a bandage on it to prevent infection until it is healed. The "lead" in the pencil is graphite, not really lead and it will not hurt you.... Read More »

I stabbed myself with a lead pencil is it harmful?

Lead in lead pencils isn't's carbon. Don't worry.

I broke a pencil in half, and put them in my ears to look like I had a pencil through my head...?