Answer I've only done it once and it suprised me. But the first person was right, I felt the need to push when it happened.

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How to Use Dry Ice in a Squirt Gun?

Ever wanted to skip pumping a squirt gun or get 5 times the pressure that you normally get? Read on.

How Do Squids Squirt Ink?

Squids are mollusks that eat meat and belong to the same animal kingdom class as the octopus. Squids closely resemble octopuses in that they both have large heads and eight arms that contain suctio... Read More »

How to Use a Squirt Bottle to Tie-Dye?

Tie-dye T-shirts are like snowflakes -- no two are exactly alike. Traditionally, tie-dyed materials are folded, tied with twine and dipped into containers of dye. However, the color does not always... Read More »

How to Mix Dye for Squirt Bottles?

A dye is a substance used to add or change the color of an object. Dyes can be derived from natural substances or created synthetically. Use fabric dyes to add color to fabric items such as clothin... Read More »