Answer I've only done it once and it suprised me. But the first person was right, I felt the need to push when it happened.

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How to Use Dry Ice in a Squirt Gun?

Ever wanted to skip pumping a squirt gun or get 5 times the pressure that you normally get? Read on.

How to Make a Squirt Gun?

Ever need a squirt gun when none is readily available? Here's how to make your own inexpensive and quick squirt gun from a soda bottle!

How to Play Squirt?

Squirt is a really fun game for a group of people. If you have enough water guns for everybody on a summer day, use them to make this game even more fun!

How to Mix Dye for Squirt Bottles?

A dye is a substance used to add or change the color of an object. Dyes can be derived from natural substances or created synthetically. Use fabric dyes to add color to fabric items such as clothin... Read More »