Squeezing left arm pain that comes and goes for over two years?

Answer It's possible, but as you have had this pain for over two years and you are still alive, you're obviously not too concerned about it being a heart attack.

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What is this stabbing pain behind right ear that comes and goes?

I get these all the time. you can also search on google for "ice pick headaches""They're "ice pick headaches." They are short, stabbing, extremely intense headaches that can be absolutely terrifyin... Read More »

Pain just above my belly button, it comes and goes not a sharp pain though?

It is most likely trapped gas. try eating a peppermint to see if it helps..................

I know your spleen is the left side once in a while i get little pain that goes away its not swollen?

In the "normal" anatomy, spleen is on the left side, while the gallbladder is on the right side. However, a condition known as "situs inversus" (with all of its different variants) exists, where yo... Read More »

My husband keeps getting bad chest pain that goes down his left arm is anyone familar with this?

Well, the symptoms you've described would suggest angina pectoris, what is commonly referred to as a "heart attack". He may have a stable angina, in which he only has pain when he exerts himself. ... Read More »