Squeaking Brake Remedies?

Answer Brake squeaks and squeals most commonly occur from heat and vibration. The caliper, pad and rotor assembly are secured to the vehicle, but the weight of the vehicle and the demand of the braking po... Read More »

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What causes brake squeaking?

Your car's ability to stop is at the forefront of its safety equation. Proper maintenance of the car's braking system is crucial to keeping your vehicle safe. Failure to maintain a safe vehicle can... Read More »

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Why is my washer squeaking?

Shut the water off. Open the little "door" in the lower right corner. PUT A BOWL UNDER IT! IT'LL LEAK WATER! Just let it all pour out. If there was something stuck in the machine it will come out. ... Read More »

How to Fix Squeaking Brakes?

If your brake pads make a metallic squeaking sound and you see no evidence of scoring on the rotors, chances are the noise is caused by dust. Some brake pads create more dust than others, based on ... Read More »