Square Feet for a Cucumber Garden?

Answer Cucumbers take up less space in the garden than pumpkins, melons and tomatoes, but more space than lettuce, carrots or onions. Even gardeners with a small garden can grow cucumbers. They grow quick... Read More »

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How much compost is needed to cover 400 square feet of garden soil?

The amount of compost that is needed to cover 400 square feet of garden soil depends on how deep you want to make it. To spread the compost so that it is 2 inches deep, you would need 2.47 cubic ya... Read More »

What are the dimension of a garden that is 81 square feet and a dimension of 36 feet?

A dimension could be any of several different values: base, height, perimeter, etc. However, if you are given a dimension that is square e.g. 81 square feet it is most likely the area of your gi... Read More »

How many 16X16 square feet tiles do you need to cover 315 square feet?

178 Tiles If the square footage is the actual room size you add 10% for wastee

How many 12x8 square feet tile will it take to cover 200 square feet?

Your question needs a better understandinga "square foot" is any shape that calculates to 144 sq inchesa "Foot Square" would be a specific shape 12"x12" tile which also equals 144 sq inchessince a ... Read More »