Square 1 Rubiks Cube Tutorial?

Answer The Square 1 (like the identical Cube 21) is a puzzle similar to a Rubik's Cube, made up of several connected pieces that the user must twist and manipulate. You need to make a cube with each side ... Read More »

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Cheats for the Rubiks Cube?

Ever tried solving a Rubik's cube? Designed to improve the player's ability to problem-solve, the Rubik's cube is a simple toy with a complex system of rules. Most people have tried one, but few ha... Read More »

How to Solve a Rubiks Cube (the Cheap Way!)?

Do you have a Rubik's cube lying around somewhere, and want to solve it fast?Follow these directions!

How to Find the Square Inches of a Cube?

A cube is a six-sided geometric figure with congruent side lengths, such as a die. The surface area of a cube, which represents the combined area of each side, can be measured in square inches. To ... Read More »

How do I play with a Rubik's Cube Square One?

Make the CubeLocate the pairs of edges. Pieces on a square layer or pieces with corners between them are single edges. Bring one edge in an edge pair to the top layer on the left and bring the othe... Read More »