Spring Break In Dallas?

Answer 19-23 uh??? well bc some of your cousins are under 21, alot of clubs you will have to go our 18 and up clubs. So try CLub Blue or Nairobi's (both downtown Dallas). Also on Friday, get a newspaper, ... Read More »

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How to Have a Fun Spring Break?

Learn how to play an instrument and be in the band.Spring break might be vacation from school, but it also can mean a time to learn and explore new things that would interest you and be fun. Rememb... Read More »

How to Plan Spring Break?

Students and adults alike look forward to spring for a much needed break from the cold weather and monotony of the winter months. Follow these steps to help you plan spring break.

When is spring break for uga?

The University of Georgia (UGA) usually schedules a spring break during the second full week of March. In 2011, UGA students will get a vacation from the books from March 14th to March 18th.Referen... Read More »

How to Get in Shape for Spring Break?

This article focuses on how to get in shape for spring break. As winter passes over for another year your thoughts turn to the warmer weather and how to get in shape for spring. If, like most peopl... Read More »