Spree candy makes my tongue hurt?

Answer No don't know why. KFC Hot Wings make my stomach hurt. Cap N Crunch makes my 9 year old mouth roof hurt, but the world keeps on spinning.

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How to Clean a Tongue From Black Candy?

Eating foods that contain food dye almost always discolors the tongue. Any color will dissolve and fade over time but certain dark colors such as dark green, blue and black are more noticeable than... Read More »

How do I clean a tongue from black candy?

Scrape a Black TongueRinse your mouth thoroughly. Using a tongue scraper, scrape the black candy-covered tongue. Move the scraper in all directions. Rinse again, and spit the water into the sink.Br... Read More »

Do tongue piercingss hurt?

yeah, it hurts in the first but as time pass.. it will be gone..if the direction of the needle will be wrong then it will hurts a lot and it will bleed lot of blood...=D

Tongue Piercing does it hurt?

Some places use a numbing agent, others do not. The piercing itself isn't very painful. It's the anticipation of pain that is the worst part. When I got mine done, it felt like a burning sensation ... Read More »