Sprained/Broken/Fractured wrist Any ideas?

Answer if you have a high tolerance for pain it can be brokeni have done that a few timesif you wake up at night with it hurting really bad, or the next day the pain gets worse and worse, its probably bro... Read More »

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Tattoo Ideas for the Wrist?

The wrists are popular body parts for receiving tattoos as they can be easily covered up by clothing, wrist bands and bracelets, but still provide you with the tattoo you've always wanted. Wrist ta... Read More »

Wrist Tattoo Ideas for Women?

In today's world, tattoos are everywhere you look. According to WebMD, "25% of 18- to 30-year-olds have a tattoo." This figure is expected to increase to 40 percent in this same age group. Tattoo d... Read More »

Cover-Up Ideas for Wrist Tattoos?

Wrist tattoos are easily spotted by others because of their obvious position near the hands, and because most people generally do not wear long sleeves all year long. If you want to conceal your wr... Read More »

Cute Wrist Tattoo Ideas?

People associate wrist tattoos with men, but lots of cute tattoo ideas would work for girls who want a tattoo that's fairly easy to conceal. Go for an inner wrist tattoo or a wrap-around that can b... Read More »