Sprained toe... Help!?

Answer Obviously if it hurts that much dont do pe and get a note..? but i would advise you to see a doctor if it hurts so much you cant do PE cause it might not be anything big now.. but could turn into s... Read More »

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I think I sprained my toe?

You probably just jammed it. It's a common injury that usually will right itself. Ice your foot to help with the swelling and the throbbing sensation should go away soon. Ice is your foot's new bes... Read More »

How to know if i sprained my foot?

RestIceCompressElevateFor impact injuries.Rest it, put ice on it, rap in bandages for compression, and elevate above heart. I broke both my forearm bones last friday.

I think I sprained my ankle?

Right, take it from the expert who has sprained her ankle over 10 times, ok take a nice hot bath not too hot and if it is swollen and still red go to the hospital but if its just a bit red and most... Read More »

What can i do to sprained my ankle again ?

Rest itIce it ...15 minutes at a Ace bandageElevate it...keep it above your heartthese steps should reduce may want to get an X-ray to make certain it is not broken