Sprained foot, what should I do I'm 13.?

Answer I sprained my foot from running on Monday morning of this week, so I feel your pain. I immediately applied the RICE method:R - Rest (You don't want to be walking on that hurt foot. I took Monday of... Read More »

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Should I put pressure on my sprained/ twisted foot?

Go to casualty and get it X rayed. If you do have a fracture you are doing yourself no favours by hobbling around on it. If it is not fractured they will strap it up for you. Bear in mind that some... Read More »

I sprained my foot and it hurts to walk on it should i use crutches for school tomorrow?

Use the crutches. You don't want it to hurt all day so you might as well use them. Anyway crutches seem to be so popular these days. ;)

What do I do about a sprained foot?

a. Go to a physician to obtain a foot x-ray to ensure that there is no bone fracture.b. Rest your foot for the first 24-48 hours.c. Apply ice every 20-30 minutes several times a day for the first 4... Read More »

Sprained a tendon in foot while playing bastketball What can I do for now?

For now, you can try taking rest and massaging the sprained foot gently with oil. Afterwards, a bandage would be helpful.