Sprained calf muscle in soccer tryouts?

Answer Report this situation to your coach... It's the serious symptom to have.Good luck!

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How to Get in Shape for Soccer Tryouts?

If you want to play soccer, yet are not in shape and have not played in forever, don't worry! Just follow this how-to and you will be in mid-season form by tryouts.

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Calf muscle injuries?

Calf muscle injuries occur in either the gastrocnemius or soleus muscle. The gastrocnemius is the large, more obvious calf muscle directly below the knee. The soleus lies directly below it and is a... Read More »

Pulled calf muscle...?

Hope this helps......:)Muscle strains are graded according to their severity: Grade 1 Stretching with some microtearing of muscle fibers. Recovery can be complete in about 2 weeks. Grade 2 ... Read More »