Sprained Elbow--Can I still type on the computer or is this bad?

Answer Don't know if you went to the hospital to get an xray. They should have given you a discharge paper and told you what to do.I fell a few years ago and fractured my elbow. I had to wear a brace, sli... Read More »

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May have fractured/sprained elbow on left arm?

Yes, it does sound like you may have sprained your elbow, but its most likely not a fracture.

I sprained my wrist doing power cleans. It still hurts alot after 4 days. Is this normal If so what do I do?

Sprained ankle that Still hurts?

Someone is hacking my computer as I type this HELPP!!!?

then just change your ip address by turning the modem and router off for 10 minutes, when you turn them back on you will have a new ip address unless you have a static ip in which case you need to ... Read More »