Sportacus dressing up out fit age 6 years or 6-7 years please help !!?

Answer Hi, had the same trouble for my son! He LOVES LAZYTOWN! If you go to woolworths, they sell some stuff in a set, its not an outfit as such, but the accessories, hat, wrist cuffs, cyrstal, and stick ... Read More »

Top Q&A For: Sportacus dressing up out fit age 6 years or 6-...'s my dilema... im 19 years old and im 5'9. My weight is 198 lbs...please help?

Not that hard. You know whats healthy, everybody knows whats healthy. Fruits, veggies = healthy. Now the harder healthy choices - you need lean meats like fish and chicken (or nuts, beans, etc for ... Read More »

30 years old and suffering the shingles virus for the 4th please!?

Recurrent bouts of shingles in a young person are rare, and are indicative of an underlying immunity deficiency that needs to be addressed. The cause of a suppressed immune system can vary, and is ... Read More »

20 years old and experiencing definite hair loss... please help?

Have your thyroid checked. Hypothyroidism can cause hair loss.

I have been sweating every day all day for about 7 years!! PLEASE help...?