Spooky: has turned the lights out. Check it out?

Answer so what? otherwise noone would have checked!!im going to report you now for not asking a decent question!!

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My laptop screen won't come on the lights come on when it is turned on?

Mine Does the same thing, And When im in the middle of a task it like just cuts off but the power is till on.

Should I have pulled over earlier when the cop turned on his lights?

He may have thought you didn't see him.As long as the cop knows you're planning on pulling over at the first suitable place, there shouldn't be a problem. If he thinks you don't see him, or worse ... Read More »

How do you fix a fluorescent ceiling light that lights up seconds after the switch is turned on?

Try moving the tube in the fittings, if this doesnt work, then you probably need a new starter motor.

My jailbroken ipod touch wont turn on i turned it off after it was being glitchy and went to turn it back on and it showed the apple logo but in 5 sec the lights dimmed and in 20 sec it shut off?

So this is actually not that difficult to fix if you follow the instructions and take your time. The first thing is you should know how or with what you jailbroke your itouch with (redsn0w, blackra... Read More »