Splinter in hard skin?

Answer use a safety pen to dig it out i know it sounds painful but it works

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Skin grew on top of a splinter?

Personally, I wouldn't pick at it. That just tends to introduce infection, or make the wound worse. Since it's red, I'm guessing it's infected. Plus, the yellow may be puss (again, because it s... Read More »

I have a splinter that's stuck under my skin!?

soak it, for 1 hour,in epsom salts, this will loosen it up and you can pull it out-if you can't get in a hot tub, use very wet moist compress (clean washcloths soaked in epsom salts. it doesn't hurt

What's the best (and least painful) way to draw out a splinter deep in the skin?

Just grab a hold of the darn thing and yank it out. ( use tweezers) It will only hurt for a second or two but it will feel so much better when it's out.Go ahead, be brave, take a deep breath and g... Read More »

The Effects of Hard Water on Skin?

Hard water is comprised of high concentrations of undissolved minerals, such as calcium carbonate and dolomite. Although hard water contains these elements, it is not detrimental to your health, bu... Read More »