Spinal Tap On A Baby?

Answer It's possible the muscles around the area where they did the spinal tap tightened up during that process, for it's what muscles do when they have pain around them. The muscles can be freed back up... Read More »

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Spinal Meningitis in a five month old baby?

Viral meningitis usually goes away on its own in about 10 days. Your doctor may recommend certain medications, if needed, to help keep your child more comfortable. After the child has recovered, th... Read More »

Can you get spinal meningitis from shaken baby syndrome?

Leaking Spinal Fluid From a Spinal Tap?

Cerebrospinal fluid, or CSF, is a protective liquid surrounding the brain and spine. Certain injuries or procedures, such as a lumbar puncture, can cause a leakage of spinal fluid. In some cases, a... Read More »

What does Spinal fusion do?

Spinal fusion decreases pain but it also decreases spinal mobility