Spilt water + dilute juice on macbook?

Answer If you want to be really safe, I'd turn your computer off and leave it off. Nothing will be damaged if there is moisture inside the laptop and it is off, when it's on however it can short circuit ... Read More »

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I just spilt orange juice in my lap. What do I do?

step 1: get of the computerstep 2: change step 3: put them in the wash immediatelystep 4: smile they will get cleanstep 5: go eat a cookie it will make u feel better : )

Does lemon juice dilute fat?

Lemon juice by itself does not dilute fat. It is one of the ingredients needed in the Krebs cycle to break down fat. It also speeds up metabolism, which aids the body in fat-burning.Source:Vitamins... Read More »

I am 13 and i just spilt water onto my new laptop :S?

Don't use a blowdryer! U are 13 so u won't know how to moderate it - u may melt stuff and make things worse.1. Turn it off2. Turn it upside down with the lid open3. Jiggle it a little to let water ... Read More »

I just spilt water on a plug socket. What should I do?

You could get a blow drier and plug it in at a different room using an extension cord, and blow hot air wherever it's wet. But it'll be safer not to use it a few hours after you dry it anyway.