Spilled Milk on Laptop Keyboard?

Answer your laptop motherboard may have malfuncion in connections due to misconnection of wires or due to ur xp try to format it

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I spilled coffee in laptop on the keyboard.?

If you are dam lucky it may dry out. Turn it upside down. You use sugar? If so, you will probably be visiting the repair shop

How do I clean spilled cake on a laptop keyboard?

Turn off the laptop and make sure it's unplugged. Lift up the open laptop and turn it over to loosen any cake that's stuck to the keyboard and throw it away. To remove sticky cake and icing, dampen... Read More »

Spilled Soda on laptop and now keyboard won't work?

The connections through the layers are obviously ruined on this keyboard. Laptop keyboards are not created as sturdily as desktop keyboards. What you will need to do is order a keyboard replacement... Read More »

Spilled tea on keyboard?

Hi,I guess may be the keyboard interface is damaged by the hot tea or liquid. If a liquid spills on any electric device i.e. internal components then, it creates a short circuit.It is better if you... Read More »