Spillage on keyboard?

Answer You need to get it checked out for any long term damage.They could fit a new keyboard at the same time.

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Coffee spillage on laptop keyboard?

Turn it upside down, try to get everything out of there that you can and let it dry completely......while it's upside down. I managed to save a Coke-soaked keyboard once, so it's possible to preve... Read More »

Spillage Protocols?

Steps can be taken to prevent chemical spills, but unfortunately accidents do happen. As Murphy's Law goes, what can go wrong, will. Therefore an emergency spillage protocol is an absolute necessit... Read More »

How do I clean oil spillage?

AsphaltWipe up excess oil with a paper towel, and dispose of the towel. Combine liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water, and wash the spot with a scrub brush until the spot is removed.ConcreteP... Read More »

If I push this "pause/break" button on my keyboard, will my keyboard become dormant ?

Nope.When your computer is booting up during POST if you push the button it will basically pause the system.