Spiky Punk Hairstyles?

Answer There are many different ways to spike a punk hairstyle. If you need to get your hair ready for the Warped Tour or a local punk rock show, spiky hair is still a universal symbol of punk dedication.... Read More »

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Spiky Hairstyles for Kids?

Create spiky hairstyles for children as part of a Halloween costume, theatrical production costume, for school or for casual wear. Spiky hairstyles can be simple, such as spiky bangs, or intricate,... Read More »

Long Spiky Hairstyles?

Spiky hair is often thought to have been inspired by the "punk" movement of the 1970s, as young people styled their hair into long spikes to shock and intimidate those they thought to be "mainstrea... Read More »

Long Spiky Hairstyles for Men?

Hairstyling for men can be an issue, especially if you are a man who opts for long hair. For men, long hair can mean a few inches long to all the way past their shoulders. One style that offers a l... Read More »

Short & Spiky Hairstyles?

Hair can be one of the ultimate accessories in a person's arsenal. It's always available, it can be changed at the drop of a hat and it can even help to hide imperfections. Hair need not be long an... Read More »