Spiders in Deserts?

Answer Members of the class Arachnida, spiders are adaptable animals found in diverse habitats from rainforests to deserts. In hot dry climates, spider species are often nocturnal, which means they hunt f... Read More »

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SPIDERS!! Any idea how to keep spiders out of my house?

You should recognize that no matter what you do, your house will always be infested with bugs in the walls. There could be ants or termites, sow bugs or centipedes. There is no getting rid of them.... Read More »

Are deserts fertile?

While most deserts sustain life, they are not inherently fertile. However, small pools of fertility bloom around desert oasis', and, also, large swaths of desert land may be able to become fertile ... Read More »

Habitats in Deserts?

Deserts cover around 20 percent of the earth's surface, and are harsh and hostile places, making life in deserts extremely difficult for the creatures that inhabit them. The temperature fluctuates ... Read More »

Are the Himalayas deserts?

The Himalayas are not deserts. The Himalayas are the highest mountain range in the world, covering the northern parts of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Burma. The mountain range was formed by t... Read More »