Spiders in Central Pennsylvania?

Answer There are over 3,000 spiders native to North America, and many different types live in central Pennsylvania. While all spiders inject venom into their prey with hollow fangs, few species pose a hea... Read More »

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Colleges in North-Central Pennsylvania?

North-central Pennsylvania is primarily a rural area bordered by the Appalachian mountain range. This region encompasses lakes, gorges and other natural attractions. It is also home to a number of ... Read More »

Colleges in South Central Pennsylvania?

South Central Pennsylvania is home to Harrisburg, which is the state capital, York and Amish Country. Students here can enjoy the Susquehanna River. It is also home to many colleges and trade schools.

Trade Schools in Central Pennsylvania?

Trade schools, also called vocational schools, provide students with skills in trades such as carpentry, metalworking and a variety of other practical professions rather than a liberal arts univers... Read More »

Jazz Festivals in Central Pennsylvania?

Jazz is an American music genre originating in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the turn of the 20th century. Jazz has evolved to include more than two dozen styles, including ragtime, New Orleans style,... Read More »