Spiders and Snakes in South Africa?

Answer If you don't bug them, then they won't bug yo! And no there probably will not be any in you're hotel room :)

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How to Get Rid of Spiders & Snakes?

Spiders and snakes are generally no more than a yard or house nuisance. In most places, both creatures help reduce the number of pests, such as rodents or insects. Some people, however, find themse... Read More »

Poisonous Snakes & Spiders?

Certain types of snakes and spiders in the United States possess a venomous bite that the creatures employ to paralyze and kill prey so they may eat it. These reptiles and arachnids occasionally co... Read More »

FAO Australians: Snakes, Spiders and other things in NSW, Australia?

Snakes , spiders & other creepy crawlies are a fact of live over here but aren't a threat to most people ...I live in a semi rural area & we get more than in the cities . I'm the resident snake cat... Read More »

Nonpoisonous Snakes in South Carolina?

South Carolina provides balmy temperatures throughout most of the year, which enables all 38 of South Carolina's native snake species to warm their cold-blooded bodies. Of South Carolina's 38 snake... Read More »