Spiders That Bear Live Young?

Answer No known spider species bear live young. All spiders create an egg sac using their silk web, but what happens afterwards varies greatly amongst species. Even more surprising are the wide range of ... Read More »

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Teddy Bear Craft Ideas for Young Children?

Teddy bears are a classic toy for kids and consequently make for interesting craft projects. The term "Teddy Bear" originated from "Teddy's Bears," a phrase coined by a shopkeeper, Morris Michtom, ... Read More »

Do spiders live in the stratosphere?

While spiders do not "live" in the stratosphere, some spiders reach that height during a behavior called "ballooning." The spider releases strands of silk into the air which catch the wind and dra... Read More »

What Are Some Adaptations That Allow Spiders to Live on Land?

Living on land has been quite a challenge for spiders, as almost all of their predators also live on land. Spiders have evolved slowly over 400 million years to deal with these dangers, and the odd... Read More »

Where do daddy longlegs spiders live?

Daddy longlegs spiders, or Pholcidae, are often found in dark, secluded spaces such as sheds, basements, closets and attics, according to the University of Michigan. The University of Kentucky adds... Read More »