Spiders That Bear Live Young?

Answer No known spider species bear live young. All spiders create an egg sac using their silk web, but what happens afterwards varies greatly amongst species. Even more surprising are the wide range of ... Read More »

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Spiders That Live in Your House in Texas?

In Texas, as well as areas across theUnited States, spiders commonly share our living spaces and dwell within our homes. Recognizing the type of spider that you are dealing with is important becaus... Read More »

What Are Some Adaptations That Allow Spiders to Live on Land?

Living on land has been quite a challenge for spiders, as almost all of their predators also live on land. Spiders have evolved slowly over 400 million years to deal with these dangers, and the odd... Read More »

What is the name of the 90's tv show where a young girl and boy visit their grandmother's attic where they read a magic book that tells them a story in animation and there's also a bear in the attic?

You are not alone! I am looking for this as well! I remember the book would shake and fall off a shelf and they would come in and see the story open on the floor! It is nice to know someone else is... Read More »

Teddy Bear Craft Ideas for Young Children?

Teddy bears are a classic toy for kids and consequently make for interesting craft projects. The term "Teddy Bear" originated from "Teddy's Bears," a phrase coined by a shopkeeper, Morris Michtom, ... Read More »