Spider bite or something else?

Answer All arachnids are venomous. So, any spider bite is going to have some symptoms, ranging from mild to major. If you note a "bulls eye" pattern on the bite, red center, out about 1/4 to 1/2" a ligh... Read More »

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Is it a spider bite or something else?

Is it a spider bite , or something else?

A spider this small would not be able to cause any harm, so I would rule out the spider.If this injury hurts to touch or pressure, it may be a skin abscess.(like an infected ingrown hair)These are ... Read More »

Is this a spider bite or something else?

It is possible to get a spider bite working in the yard, usually trapping a grass spider or ground spider against the skin, but usually you notice the bite and it may itch for a few hours.Seeing a ... Read More »

Spider bite. Is this something that needs to be left alone or taken care of?