Spicy Sweet Sour Salty Or Bitter Which kind of food do you like to eat?

Answer Spicy. But I like the kind of spicy that smacks you in the face, then goes away. Like wasabi or chinese mustard or horseradish. Or flavourful food like Indian and Thai that's flavourful spicy, not ... Read More »

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Sweet Sour Salty Or Bitter What type of foods do you like best?

Sour xD for some reason I like stuff with a sort of kick to itGoodnight Scooter :)

Sweet ,sour or spicy which type of food u like the most?

spicy most of the time.bcoz when ur hungry u feel that chips i too tasy right?

What flavor do you prefer: sweet, sour, or salty?

Salty-SavouryDefinitely not chocolate at the moment ;)

Whats your fav. food do you like it spicy or sweet crispy or soggy?