Spices for natural casing hot dogs?

Answer Ground mustard,Ground coriander seeds

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What is a natural hog casing?

Natural hog casings come from a hog's stomach, intestines or bladder and present an edible alternative to synthetic sausage casings.TypesAccording to the University of Connecticut's Extension Fact ... Read More »

What is natural sausage casing made of?

Natural sausage casing is made from the submucosa, a layer of connective tissue from intestines of animals such as hogs, sheep and cattle. The tissue is strong and has a high degree of elasticity, ... Read More »

How to Remove Hair Using Natural Spices?

Both women and men struggle with hair removal. Shaving is highly repetitive, and waxing is often painful and irritating to the skin. Most depilatory creams are stinky and often create more problems... Read More »

Do you have any tips about spices or natural sugars that you would like to share?

Yes. A little paprika and black pepper on scrambled tofu is a m a z i n g! :)