Spices Used in Beer?

Answer When brewing beer, it can be exciting to experiment with spices and ingredients. Spices can turn an average-tasting beer into a tasty brew. Use them to add unusual accents or create a flavor balanc... Read More »

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Which spices are used for pickling?

bay leavesalum *coriander *cumin *cloves *fennel *dried hot peppers *mustard *peppercornsRoasted Fenugreek seeds powder also

Spices Used to Bury Jesus?

In the ancient world, spices were expensive and highly valued. They were used to anoint kings, bury the dead and prepare foods, cosmetics and perfumes. The Bible is explicit about the 100 pounds of... Read More »

What are spices used in Switzerland?

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Spices Used in Bible Times?

In biblical times spices were used in cooking, oils, incense, perfumes as well as making ointments for cosmetic, medicinal and ceremonial purposes. Due to their high cost, spices were considered a... Read More »