Spelling Toys for Kids?

Answer Learning to spell is fundamental to a child's progress in education and her ability to express herself. In their book "The Beginnings of Writing," Temple, Nathan, Temple and Burris explain that chi... Read More »

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What was the name of the 1980's kids tv show where a man sat at a desk with his little dog and gave away toys to little kids in the audience?

How to Help Kids With Spelling?

With spell-check as an option for most writers, it might seem that classroom time spent on spelling would be lessened when, in fact, the subject is still a vital part of the curriculum. Helping kid... Read More »

Fun Spelling Activities for Kids?

Make spelling practice fun with games and activities for the classroom. Reinforce this important skill when students use their weekly words to practice spelling individually or with partners. Fun s... Read More »

Spelling Bees for Kids?

A spelling bee is a word spelling contest that is not only a handy tool for testing skills, but also a useful competition for livening up an ordinary spelling lesson. Spelling bees have long been a... Read More »