Spelling Games for Kids Ages 5 to 7?

Answer Between kindergarten and second grade, students typically learn and review weekly word lists. These lists often contain many new words. Spelling games that are interactive will build team skills wh... Read More »

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Fun Bus Games for Kids Ages 5 to 13?

Bus rides can be a daunting experience, especially when children are involved. They can become boring or can lead to chaos as children loudly converse with one another. In order to avoid a chaotic ... Read More »

Games for Kids Ages 3 to 5?

Kids love to play games. Whether they are running and jumping, concentrating at a board, or finding new ways to play indoors, they can spend hours playing. Games that can be played anywhere are per... Read More »

Learning Games for Kids Ages 5-6?

Young children are like sponges; they absorb many things quickly as their brains are at the prime of development. It is for this reason that young children should be presented with activities that ... Read More »

Spelling Games for Kids Aged 6 to 8?

Most educators will agree that kids retain more when they have fun during the learning process. The normal process of studying for a spelling test is tedious and involves memorization, which is not... Read More »