Speedometer Cable Replacement Instructions?

Answer Taking the speedometer out and putting a new one in is not the difficult part of speedometer cable replacement. The difficult task is actually accessing the end to disconnect the cable. The cable a... Read More »

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How to Fix a Speedometer Cable?

The speedometer cable translates the transmission gear speed through a cable housing and up to the speedometer gauge in the back of the instrument cluster. Connected at both ends by two small gears... Read More »

Where is the speedometer cable on a car located?

Modern automobiles have electronic (digitally controlled) speed indicators. A vehicle speed sensor on the output shaft of the transmission reads the speed of the shaft, then sends that information ... Read More »

Speedometer Cable Maintenance?

A car's speedometer cable is a cable that goes from its front, left wheel to the back of the speedometer. The speedometer cable facilitates the speedometer reading that indicates the car's speed.

Speedometer Cable Removal?

Most modern vehicles employ an electronic speedometer to give the driver information regarding the speed of the vehicle. Such an instrument does not have a speedometer cable and relies on other mea... Read More »