Speeding up computer?

Answer Download System Mechanic 7 from I hope this program will help you. Speed also depends upon the file system of computer's hard drives. There are three kind file syste... Read More »

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Speeding up my computer?

Adding ram will help. Do not add ram that is slower than whats in it now as your memory only runs at the speed of the slowest ram. If the ram you have in it now is slow and you add faster ram the n... Read More »

I have a very slow computer. any tips on speeding it up?

1. Get a faster processor2. Get as much RAM memory as your system can hold.3. Perform a the defragmentation procedure and ScanDisk.4. Update all your drivers.5. Update virus protection softwar... Read More »

What is a really good NONVIRUSE computer speeding?

Not much info here. Can't tell if you have an Apple, PC or an Amiga. Lots of D's though. Those were helpful~Software won't speed up a computer that is old and slow. Only a new computer with a f... Read More »

Are law enforcement officers more forgiving of speeding motorcyclists than of speeding cars/trucks?

It depends. Some officers are unforgiving of any vehicle type. Others forgive everyone. Personally, I tend to be a little bit more lenient with motorcycle riders unless they are doing something bla... Read More »